Melissa Mazzeo Melissa is an author, editor, and best friend to Phoebe (pictured) and Finian, both rescued Chihuahua mixes.

Thanksgiving Contest: Winners & Honorable Mentions!

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For Thanksgiving 2017, we asked our fans to post a special picture of their dog or dogs that shows why they’re so thankful for their best buds. The pet parent posting our favorite big dog photo won a Big Barker of their choice, and our favorite little dog pic won a Barker Jr! We got so many cute submissions that we thought we’d share the honorable mentions along with the two winners.

It was a tough decision… did we make the right choice?

Big Barker Winners: Stephanie & Harley!

“My gorgeous German Shepherd, Harley, is 9 years old. He’s the love of my LIFE!”

Honorable Mentions

Kara & Sherman

“This is Sherman. He’s 12 now… Has arthritis but his little sister Agnes helps him stay active. A Big Barker bed would help his old joints!”

Teresa & Hambone

“Meet my pup Hambone. Hambone will be 7 on Nov. 29 and was a rescue from a high kill shelter out of state.”

Regina, Cheech, & Snickers

“Cheech, left, our 9-year-old Chow/Shepherd mix, & Snickers, right, our 12-year-old Shih-Tzu, waiting on treaties.”

Jan & Shyloh

“My sweet baby Shyloh.”

Sam & Banner

Ruth & Pack of 5

Jeri & Pack of Great Pyrenees

Becky & Gizmo

“My baby boy Gizmo is 11!!! He’s my whole world…This is his favorite time of the year!!”

Karen & Edsel

“Edsel is a 41/2 yr old Saint Bernard from Ohio. Edsel lost his human dad in September 2017. He misses him!”

Donna & Dexter

“This is Dexter, he’s a 10.5 month old American Bulldog and already weighs 72 pounds. I found this guy not long after my old Boston Terrier bff passed away. I cried everyday looking at puppies because I missed Rocky so much and needed a new buddy. I happened to see a pic of a brand new litter of babies that looked just like baby Bostons, but were Am. Bulldogs, did some research and decided to go for it. I found out Dexter was born the same week Rocky had died and when he was finally ready to come home, I knew pretty quick that we were meant to be. He’s been the best dog. Easy to train, loving, playful and I’ve never seen a dog happier to see me when I come home, (and I’ve had 2 forever dogs in my life already!) I think he deserves a Big Barker bed because he’s still got a lot of growing to do and a long life ahead of him and I want him to be healthy, happy and comfortable! Plus, maybe with a fantastic bed, he’ll stop trying to break the recliner!”

Barker Jr. Winners: Cinde & Tito!

“My Tito—he is so funny. I had just lost my Boo. She was 17 and he came into my life to ease my broken heart . Boo will always be a part of my heart, and Tito just made my heart bigger.”

Honorable Mentions

Megan & Aggie

“Our girl Aggie! She is the love of our life and everyday is an adventure!!!”

Kara & Agnes

“This is Agnes. She is about 40lbs of energy! Extremely athletic… And of course she’s just adorable too.”

Stephen & Friend

“Arctic chihuahua”

Kara & Toby

“This is our sweet Toby. It’s hard to believe but he’s 17 years and 5 months old. He deserves a Big Barker bed… after all he does sleep just about all the time.”


Melissa Mazzeo
Melissa Mazzeo Melissa is an author, editor, and best friend to Phoebe (pictured) and Finian, both rescued Chihuahua mixes.

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