Bentley is in Good Health!

Good news today as we hear about Bentley, the dog of the young Ebola patient in Dallas, TX. There has been some uproar lately...
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Awesome Transformation: From Rescued to Rescuer

Life with Dogs brings us the wonderful story today of Yumenosuke, a dog rescued from a Japanese shelter. This poor little 6 year old dog...
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It finally happened…healthcare has gone to the dogs!

And that is absolutely some of the best news we have heard all day! Wait…what are we talking about? We are seeing a growing...
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It’s National Walk Your Dog Week!

And we have just the thing for you today: A great article on the 5 benefits to walking your dog. Now we’ve talked about...
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Teddy Saves Family From Fire

What a great story this morning out of New York. Teddy, a Golden Retriever, saved his family from a fire.   Teddy, a rescue...
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Your Dog Wants to Take You for a Walk

Fitness and dogs go together like ham and eggs, and today we have a great article for you by Klaudia Seidl from Zblog. She writes...
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