Melissa Mazzeo

  Melissa is an author, editor, and best friend to Phoebe (pictured) and Finian, both rescued Chihuahua mixes.


Melissa Mazzeo

46 Stories by Melissa Mazzeo

Detective Woodring & K9 Loki

Check out our latest K9 Spotlight story featuring Detective Dennis Woodring and K-9 Loki of Dauphin County, PA. “It was a Sunday in April of 2014....
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Do Dogs R.E.A.D.? Some Dogs Do!

Liz (owner): After Coco and I completed the therapy dog training classes and workshop with New York Therapy Animals and became a registered and...
2 1 min read

Dog Fighting and the Power of Forgiveness: The Story of King Edwin

Edwin is a pit bull that came from the worst of the worst of situations. Held captive by a known dogfighter, he lived in...
6 1 min read

K9 Spotlight: Officer Brodt & K9 Gibbs

Jason Brodt & Gibbs Head Trainer of the K-9 Unit for the St. Paul Police National President of the United States Police K-9 Association...
2 1 min read

Paying it Forward: The Story of Steve & Service Dog Charlie

As told by Steve   It’s hard to put into words how meaningful and strong your connection to a service dog is when you...
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K9 Spotlight: Officer Stenseth & K9 Dex

    Dex’s bread and butter is tracking—he’s a very good tracking dog. Last year we got called to a township just to the...
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Noah the Blind Rescue Dog Stands Up to Bullies!

Noah was born in California to a back yard breeder. He was saved from certain death by Jasmine Gabay Kimball and Saving K9 Lives...
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Taking Care of a Dog After Hip Dysplasia Surgery

Mick, a huge Big Barker Fan, is on the mend following two hip dysplasia surgeries.  If your dog has just had surgery for hip...
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Customer Review: Mary Timmons, Home Away From Home Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

My dog, Piggy, is a gorgeous American bulldog mix, and she has the sweetest spirit of any dog I have ever known. She is...
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Canine Arthritis: Could Your Best Friend Be Suffering in Silence?

Canine arthritis is a common and debilitating disease that limits a dog’s ability to function and move without pain. According to, approximately 65...
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Christmas Comes Early for Our Four-Legged Friends at Philly PAWS!

Here at Big Barker, we feel a natural affinity with dog rescue organizations. All of us spoil our dogs like crazy, and it breaks...
2 min read

Why Your Big Dog Might Be Better Off Sleeping Without You

About 50 percent of pet owners in America sleep with their furry friend. And if you’re one of them, you know exactly why: Your...
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