Melissa Mazzeo

  Melissa is an author, editor, and best friend to Phoebe (pictured) and Finian, both rescued Chihuahua mixes.


Melissa Mazzeo

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Lock Him Up! The K9 Who Steals His Partner’s Morning Cup of Coffee: Officer Howells and K9 Fedor

  Officer David Howells has served with the Allentown Police for over ten years and is a 2014 Award of Valor Honoree. His partner...
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They Tried to Sell Him For Drug Money—Now He Works at Children’s Hospital: The Story of Chad the Pit Bull

As told by Chad’s mom, Chrissy “It was the week before Thanksgiving 2012 when my daughter excitedly called me to tell me about Brewsky,...
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What Would You Say To A Highly Effective Treatment for Canine Arthritis—That Has No Side Effects Whatsoever?

We understand how heartbreaking it is when your dog is diagnosed with arthritis. Your formerly happy, exuberant pup may be increasingly grumpy, hesitant to...
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K9 Spotlight: Officer Wilkie & K9 Diamond

As told by Officer Wilkie “I’m a certified reserve officer in the state of South Carolina. My K9’s name is Diamond, as in the...
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Korky: The “Unadoptable” Dog Who Found His True Calling

 As told by Korky’s handler, Deborah “Korky had an amazingly difficult journey to get from where he was to where he is now....
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K9 Spotlight: Lt. Roca & K9 Canto

As told by Lieutenant Roca K9s are a good vehicle for public relations. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the...
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Penn Vet’s Dr. Kara Brown Talks to Big Barker About Advances in Treating Canine Joint Pain and Disease!

Big Barker’s consulting veterinarian, Dr. Sarah Wooten, continues her interview series with this discussion with Dr. Kara Brown, Resident Fellow, Large Animal Cardiology & Ultrasonography, University of...
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K9 Spotlight: Corporal Meik & K9 Zeke

In this week’s K9 Spotlight, Harrisburg PA’s Corporal Tyron Meik shares the harrowing and incredible story of how his partner Zeke was shot in...
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Kyshka’s Legacy: Colleen Combs & Green Dog Rescue Project

As told by Colleen Combs, founder of Green Dog Rescue Project She was a Siberian Husky—White Wolf hybrid. So that’s a LOT of dog!...
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Allentown and Pennsylvania State Officials Recognize Big Barker!

Today, we received a few goodies in the mail that we wanted to share. After we donated some Big Barkers to the Allentown Police...
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Canine Joint Disease and Pain Management: Big Barker Interviews Penn Vet’s Dr. Kimberly Agnello

Big Barker’s consulting veterinarian, Dr. Sarah Wooten, kicks off her interview series with a very special interviewee—Dr. Kimberly Agnello, Assistant Professor of Small Animal Surgery, University of Pennsylvania....
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