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  http://www.drsarahwooten.com/ A lifelong dog lover, Dr. Wooten is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with 16 years experience in small animal general practice.


Dr. Sarah Wooten

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Does Glucosamine Help Dogs With Hip Dysplasia?

 Glucosamine is a naturally occurring substance in your dog’s body, in your body as well. And the highest concentration of glucosamine is found...
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Can A Dog With Hip Dysplasia Run?

 A dog with hip dysplasia can definitely run. It just depends again on how severe the disease is. Sometimes a dog will want...
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The Explosives Detection Dog Who Has a Soft Spot for Kids in Need

Deputy Sheriff Michael Klinger is a 20-year veteran of the Dauphin County, PA police. His partner, Tika, is an explosives detection dog. Deputy Klinger...
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