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  http://www.drsarahwooten.com/ A graduate of UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, and a member of the American Society of Veterinary Journalists, Dr. Wooten has 16 years of experience in small animal general practice, and 9 years experience of writing and vlogging. You may have seen her speak at Fetch DVM360 conference, NAVC (or VMX), AAHA, AVMA, or WVC, or you may have seen her articles and videos on DVM360, Firstline, Vetted, Healthy Pet Magazine, The Bark Magazine, Vetstreet, Chewy. or PetMD.


Dr. Sarah Wooten

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Can Dogs Outgrow Hip Dysplasia?

 That is a tricky question, so not necessarily. Once a hip joint has formed abnormally it’s always going to be abnormal. However, sometimes...
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Can Hip Dysplasia Cause Incontinence?

 Hip dysplasia does not cause urinary incontinence. Hip dysplasia is an abnormal forming of the hip joint, so the ball and socket joint....
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Can Hip Dysplasia In Dogs Come Suddenly?

 Hip dysplasia is usually present from birth, but oftentimes, we don’t see the signs until later, in that case, it can seem that...
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Can You Prevent Hip Dysplasia In Dogs?

 There are several things that you can do to try and prevent hip dysplasia in your dog, or any dog that you are...
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Does Hip Dysplasia In Dogs Affect Their Front Legs?

 Hip dysplasia does not necessarily cause any disease in front legs, so it does not cause any developmental problems in the formation of...
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How Does Hip Dysplasia Affect Dogs?

 Hip dysplasia is tricky, it doesn’t like to follow rules. Hip dysplasia can affect dogs very severely and cause them to be lame,...
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How Is Hip Dysplasia in Dogs Diagnosed?

 Hip dysplasia is diagnosed typically by an x-ray. The medical term for that is radiograph. So, in order to get good x-rays, a...
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My Dog Has Hip Dysplasia… What Should I Do?

 Well, the first thing is don’t panic. Because your dog has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia does not necessarily mean that your dog...
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What Should I Do If My Dog With Hip Dysplasia Can’t Get Up?

 If your dog doesn’t want to walk or get up, your dog is really in pain a lot. The first thing you need...
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Will Hip Dysplasia Kill A Dog?

 Hip dysplasia in itself is not a fatal disease. Hip dysplasia simply refers to abnormal development of the hip joint that leads to...
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What Are Some Good Exercises For A Dog With Hip Dysplasia?

 In physical therapy, we know that motion is lotion, and the more a joint can move around, the more the synovial joint fluid...
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How To Treat Hip Dysplasia In Dogs Without Surgery?

 If your dog has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia, surgery is the only way to cure your dog of the disease. Some dogs...
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