Amanda Friemann When I’m not playing with my dog Piper, I’m here posting good news stories about good dogs all the time :)


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Blind Golden Retriever Gets His Own Four-Legged Seeing-Eye Companion

  Chelsea and Adam Stipe live with their 11 years old Golden Retriever, Charlie, in North Carolina. Charlie lost his vision from glaucoma. Chelsea...
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Dog Chained To A Post His Entire Life, Sees The Ocean For The 1st Time And Reaction Goes Viral

A previously neglected and abandoned dog, Herschel, gets to take a road trip to get to his new forever home. On the way, he...
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Former NFL Player Donates Everything To Charity And Hits The Open Road With His Rescue Dog

Joe Hawley, former NFL player for the Atlanta Falcons and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers , sold everything and decided to hit a cross country...
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Guy Carries His Rescue Dog Everywhere He Goes

  If anyone ever doubts that a dog really is man’s best friend, they need to understand the story of Rosie, a rescue dog...
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Man Takes Homeless Dog To Pet Store To Buy Him Everything He Touches

  This video revolves around a “rescue dog” named King who had a chance to visit a Petco shop and buy everything he touched....
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